Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Introduction to Autodesk Maya- Modelling

So today in class, we learnt how to model using different tools. First, we tried creating egg cups with a cube, then a curve and lastly using subdiv. I have yet to get the hang of using subdiv but comparing the 2 tools I was able to use, I prefer using the curve as my glass turns out to be of better shape! Especially the base of it.

Aside from that, we were given the task to complete our simple character modelling. I am really satisfied with the outcome and I can't wait to add textures and lighting to this scene!


  1. Hey Ayunie,

    I was hoping you'd agree to be Damyn Coady's creative partner - it turns out, I left him off the original groupings - poor Damyn - and I think he's keen to get stuck in, so if you could go and say hi etc, I'd be grateful. Many thanks!


  2. Hi Phil, sure! I'd be glad to :)