Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Life Drawing Lesson 1

This is my first ever attempt at life drawing. I am actually quite pleased with the outcome because I surprised myself. I was initially worried for this lesson as I had not done it before but all is good now :D
Warming Up to the Class
Here, I have the 6 poses we had to draw within a minute each. 

1 minute sketches
The next challenge of this class was that 30 Minutes challenge. We had to draw the model for the first 15 minutes before she changes her position that we had to draw later. Initially, I thought I have troubled myself for not drawing this a little smaller so I would have enough space for the second drawing. It was a blessing in disguise because I had to draw the second drawing over my first which requires more concentration. In animation, I know that there will always be overlapping drawings to stimulate movements so this was a good practice for me :)
15 Minutes to the 30 minutes Exercise
After the 30 Minutes Exercise
The last challenge was to sketch 16 different poses given the time of 30 seconds each.

30 Seconds Sketches

I really enjoyed today's class as I continuously learn to do quick sketches that will help me with all my projects. 

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