Thursday, 31 October 2013

Secret Lair: Clockwork Priestess Thumbnails (1 - 12)

Here I have my first 12 thumbnails of my secret lair. Not quite there yet as how I am imagining it. But I am constantly sketching, trying to get the design I have in my head on to the canvas. 


  1. Hello Ayunie :)

    i love the angle on number 2! :) and i really like the feel of number 4, it's great how you've blurred out the back part of the space to bring the viewers attention to the front! :)
    these designs are great and all of them are different! :) keep them coming :D

    1. Hey Adam! Thanks! I agree with you on Number 2 cause that's one of it that I liked but wasn't quite there yet as to how I imagined it.