Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Still Life Drawing Lesson 1

Today was our first class for Life Drawing and instead of having a model for the lesson, it was just objects. I liked the lesson because our tutor, Vikki, kept reminding us to "get loose" when drawing. Having said that, I got contented way to quickly with my drawing because I had no experience to life drawing before and did not know the expectations.  I started off using charcoal which was not such a smart move to begin with. I was not able to rub off and had to draw over it. Prior to completng my first piece, I realised I had no room for the skull :( I guess I did not make use of the space I had very well.

In my second attempt to draw from the same perspective and with a little bit of guidance from Joey, I managed to come up with the following drawing. I learnt from my first drawing not to start off with charcoal right away so I began with pencil before tracing it over with an 8B and charcoal afterwards. This is so much better compared to the first one because I was able to fit the things I see right before me onto this piece of paper.

Before we ended the lesson, we played the game consequences. We were given 3 minutes to draw and once the time is up, we went over to the drawing on our left to draw on theirs. These were the outcomes after the four rounds.

This is my canvas and the bottom left hand corner was what I started off.

I drew the trees on this one

The extreme right drawing was what I did

I drew the benches at the bottom right 

In summary, I am glad that I finally got the exposure to life drawing and I hope to improve over time with constant practice :)

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