Monday, 30 November 2015

Minor Project: Girl (UV Complete)

This is the side character, the girl, with her UV laid out.

Minor Project: Girl (Side Character- Redone)

This is the side character, model completed.

Minor Project: Girl (Side Character)

This is my side character where you would see her for only a couple of seconds, giving my main character a high five. I came up with this character over summer but I realised there was several problems in construction, and hence I have gone back to her model to fix it.

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Practice: Self Potrait

I know that my weakness lies within drawing and painting so I am determined to brush up on those skills. I've taken some time to do a self portrait with minimal details but still able to capture the essence of it. I think it is a successful first attempt because it looks like me! :D

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Minor Project: Character (Hair)

Here's the character's hair completed and I am very satisfied with the outcome as I was able to translate the initial idea of spheres that makes the volume of her to curls, which looks a bit like roses and I am liking the effect :)

Minor adjustments are to be made to the hair still. This includes the parting of her on her fringe. Other than that, the character's hair is complete.

Monday, 23 November 2015

@Alan Minor Project: Character Head (UV Layout)

Here's the character with the refined adjustments to the face, especially the cheeks area and also the updated ear. However, I am still struggling to figure out to model the hair.

I looked at tutorials on how to model curly hair and I followed this, but the outcome was no where near to what I wanted and hence I am unsure how to move forward with the hair.

Minor Project: Character Body (UV Layout)

Here's the layout of my character's bodies.

Master Studies: Plaza de Cibeles

It's been quite some time since I did a Master Studies and I was missing Madrid so I decided to do one on Plaza de Cibeles. I am quite happy with the results but there are definitely room for improvements.

Original Photo

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Practice: Drawing Poses

I felt that I needed to brush up on my life drawing skills and also I know it is necessary to always be practising drawing character poses. So I've used myself as reference to come up with the sketches.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Minor Project: Character (Outfits)

With the base model I previously created, I went on to model the two different outfits with the shoes.

Since her PJs were modelled before her main outfit, I was not sure how to model the leg but Tom and Sam gave the suggestion as to how to model the shoes with her feet for the Mary Jane's shoe (her first outfit) and I will be applying the same concept for this outfit.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Minor Project: More Character Concept Art

I realised I did not post my third concept art which I previously did.

As I further begin to understand my character, I thought of doing another concept art of her enjoying herself in the rain.

Minor Project: Character (Hair Update)

As advised by Alan, I have made my character's hair of spheres instead of the previous version of trying to sculpt it and I feel that the outcome is better as it adds volume to her hair. It now looks closer to my character's true form.

Minor Project: Character (Body)

Since my character has two different types of clothing, it was best for me to get the base model of her body which I would later be able to model the top and bottoms separately. Her knees need some fixing it is currently a little too angular and flat.

Monday, 16 November 2015

@Alan Minor Project: Character (Head Blocking- Ears)

Is the head model okay? I've adjusted the lips and nose but I am struggling with the ear despite making the adjustments.
Ear Before Adjustment
Adjusted Ear

Minor Project: Character (Head Blocking- Nose)

As I continued to block my character, I was not able to follow my orthographic drawings fully as it was not really able to capture my character. Also, to help me out get a sense of her character when modelling, I have blocked out her hair to help with the process.