Thursday, 29 August 2013

Summer Assignment - 101 Drawings

Here's my 101 drawings. The way I did my assignment was I had three different pieces of paper that had Lifeforms, Structures and Machines on it. The way I organised my assignment was whenever I get my inspiration, I will start drawing in each category respectively. I am not a natural born artist as can be seen from my drawings. However, I did not let that affect me as I believe that I will learn how to draw as I progress through this course.

I am satisfied with my drawings as I could see that my ideas became better as I progress through each catergory. There are room for improvements, that I am sure but this is what I have for now :)

Lifeforms -1

Lifeforms -2

Lifeforms -3

Structures -1

Structures -2

Structures -3

Machines -1

Machines -2

Machines -3

Machines -4