Saturday, 5 October 2013

Cinematic Spaces: Metropole Thumbnails (29 - 53)

Here's my third set of thumbnails. I went to read the book excerpt again and to see if I have missed out on any interesting visual scene that potentially could lead to my key thumbnails. My thumbnails from 29- 32 are abstract ones where I try to combine all the elements of the story on to an image. I like #32 as it reflects when my main character was experiencing and he's tearing because he was lost in this unknown city. The other thumbnail that I see potential in is #50 where the interior of the church is heavily decorated with paintings and statues.


  1. That's really nice seeying you so productive!

    You have many ideas on this sheet that could be taken to further investigation, for example: 29, 30, 46 and 48! I would avoid the 'eye' thumbnail though, as it doesn't really feel like a shot that could show a bigger and more complex environment :)

    Also, I would recommend working a little but with contrast and levels of your scans/photos as they might seem a little bit hard to read somethimes.
    Photoshop can make life easier : D

    Keep going!

  2. Oh, and I am also encouraging you to try drawing thumbnails in photoshop! It's a really good practise and it really helps to understand the software : )

    1. Thanks Samantha for the feedback! Okay, I'll avoid number 50, thank you for reasoning it out for that! :) I will scan it again in school cause I took a photo which did no justice to the drawings! haha.

      As for Photoshop, I am on it now. trying different brushes and trying to get the hang of it! :)

      Thanks once again!