Friday, 4 October 2013

Animation Lesson 2- Morphing

Today in Animation class, our main theme for the lesson was morphing. We started of the lesson by playing the game called consequences. Here are the works produced by Damyn, Rosalyn, Josh and myself.  I find amused and impressed by the works produced. I would never be able to produce the end product all by myself.

We started off with a circle and morphed to the image below.

After we had that up, we morphed it to another character as per below.

Great teamwork and communication amongst my teammates led us to produce this great result.  Enjoy!


  1. An impressive morphing animation! An idea for the future may be to make for example, the limbs move during both transformations to give it that bit more life :)

    1. Thanks Danny. We did try but apparently the animation was too fast to get noticed! We learnt that to see the animation, we need more frames in between. :)