Sunday, 13 October 2013

Cinematic Spaces: Metropole - Train Station Scene

So this is my first attempt in exploring complementary colours for one of my scenes. The difference between these two images are very subtle. The light coming through from the end of the tunnel and the windscreen are the only differences. I am still looking for ideas on how to make this scene more visually captivating because it seems very dull.

Version 1

Version 2


  1. Hi Ayunie,

    Liking the strong colour work - but yes, this image does feel very safe and lacks the 'super-abundance' and 'hyper-activity' of Metropole's world. How about going for something a bit more:

    basically something to convey business, speed, activity, noise, movement... 'the city'!

    1. Thanks Phil! So it is okay to add overlay elements over this work?

  2. Hi Ayunie, great to see some bold use of colour :) These images are already starting to move forward in a positive direction.

    As Phil said, definitely seek to add noise and speed without the worry of painting lots of details. The line work and form of this painting seem very definite and structured. Add a new layer and begin to play around with brush strokes and mark making in an attempt to add this noise. Remember the brush settings can all be changed, scattering and texture etc will really help take this image into something more exciting.

    Also, remember to think about atmospheric/value perspective (shown in last weeks presentation.) Your tonal range throughout this piece is quite limited to black, mid grey or white. Start to play with a wider tonal range and things will start to increase in depth.

    Try not to get too stuck in the exact details of the piece and instead attempt to evoke that hurried environment you are after. Work quickly and try things out without worrying about all those details. Keep them coming :)

    1. Hi Jordan,

      Thanks for the feedback! I am on it now! :)