Thursday, 10 October 2013

Perspective Practice

Aside from doing the research on 1, 2 and 3 Points perspective, I did some practise on it. The concept for one and two points perspective were relatively easy to grasp but I had difficulties with the three points perspective. I am still practising on the three points perspective because for some reason when I draw my objects, it ended up as two points instead of three.


  1. Hi Ayunie, I like how you've been experimental with different shapes, such as the UCA CGAA letters 1-point perspective to make even just this practice more interesting to look at than just following a tutorial for cubes and cuboid's and stopping there!

    Your two point perspective has a nice combination of shapes and sizes however I'm slightly confused about the perspective of what appears to be an L-shaped block due to the objects proximity to each other.

    Concerning your struggle with 3-point perspective, I don't know if you've used the perspective tutorial linked in the Cinematic Spaces brief but if not then check it out because it breaks it down into simple steps very well, if so start off small with the shape and position of your objects e.g. a simple, centered cuboid - then grow more ambitious with shapes and sizes when your confidence grows!

    It'd be interesting to see a kind of before and after version of future work involving perspective in terms of showing the perspective lines leading to the vanishing point as a 'before' and then (like above) without the perspective lines as 'after'. :)

    1. Hi Danny,

      As a matter of fact, I didn't looked into the linked tutorial in the Cinematic Spaces brief but I however, did watch some videos and read a few books regarding 3 points perspective which is still a bit of a struggle for me! Thanks so much for letting me know where I can get the needed resources!

      In regards to having UCA CGAA block letter for my one point perspective practice, I felt that I wouldn't learn much by just doing blocks so I started with those block letters! :D

      Addressing your confusion to one of my drawings in the 2 points perspective practice, I forgot to add a line across the meeting point of the vertical "|" and the horizontal "_" line. I don't know if you can imagine it but it should create a hollow space between the L shaped block and the one in front of it. :)

      It is interesting to be experimenting with different types of perspectives in current and future works but I guess we just have to ensure that it fits the theme.