Saturday, 19 October 2013

Still Life Drawing Lesson 2

In this week's lesson, there was a set up of materials with lightings in the middle of the classroom. Our task was to draw and use tonal values to translate what we see in front of us onto the paper. In Figure 1, I was not able to capture a lot of shadings as I did not know how to shade the colour without any lighting and hence, I left it as white.

Figure 1: Warming Up Drawing
For our second task, we had to divide our paper into 6 parts and continue drawing what is in front of us. As Vicky encourages us to keep changing our places, I took this opportunity and switched places after every 2 drawings. I got different perspective of the objects that are placed at the center of the classroom. As can be seen from the 2 drawings at the top, I tried different horizon line just to have fun at it.
Figure 2: 6 drawings

Our task for the week was to take a picture of the objects from multiple angles and produce a drawing with any mediums of our choice. In this practice, I did not venture out using any medium except for charcoal because I am still trying to get the hang of it. It apparently needs control because I have the tendency to press it too hard which would ultimately ruin my work.
Figure 3: Practice

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