Saturday, 19 October 2013

Cinematic Spaces: Metropole Train Station Scene- Depth

In this scene, I did not have a problem with my perspective but I did, however, had problem dividing my scene to create the necessary depth as can be seen in Figure 1. After placing and adding the elements I want in this scene(Thumnail 94), I went ahead blocking out different shades of grey to create the needed depth as seen in thumbnail 95.

Figure 1: Coloured thumbnail before additional editing

Once I created the depth, I tried using different shades of blue. I am liking 98. After doing the coloured thumnbnails, it made me doubt my initial certainty of using either monochromatic and analogue colours to create this scene. Looking at my other two scenes, I need to find a common ground visually so I have decided to go with compound colours instead.


  1. Ayunie:) i love the purple scene of your thumbnails and i love the shape of the interior architecture of the train station ,i like the colour coup next to 97 too and i think you can play around with pink, blue and purple together so it looks more unity and dramatic , for example u can change the spotlight to pink ? just a little suggestion i think it would help :)

    1. Thanks for the suggestion Candice! I shall try it out now! :)