Sunday, 19 January 2014

Script to Screen: Idea 7 Refinement

Idea 7

Title: The Obsessive Artist

Character Biography:

> Alvaro, a 42-year-old artist
> Quiet in person but expressive in terms of his artwork
> Visits the Emerald Zoological Gardens regularly to do his paintings
> Perfectionist
> Medium Built, about 5’8” weighing 165 lbs

Artist of all ages are always seen setting up their easel in front of an animal’s enclosure of their choice, as they attempt to capture nature’s beauty on to their canvases. Alvaro is one of the artists who frequent the zoo, as he loves to paint the wildlife. Alvaro style of painting is very distinguished because of his precise brushstrokes. Just like any other day, as Alvaro was in the midst of creating a masterpiece, he realised that the strokes that began to appear on his canvas was clumsy and rough. Instinctively, he knew that his favourite paintbrush have been fully utilised. A perfectionist, he believed that he was not able to function any further if he does not get his bristles replaced immediately. The search of finding the perfect bristle triggered this madness.

Every night since, Alvaro would sneak into the zoo and set up his net to lure and later, trap his victim, in search of the perfect match to recreate his paintbrush.

Meanwhile, the disappearance of the animals becomes a very serious issue that the zoo and the press worked together by publishing articles such as 'The Fisherman Strikes Again At Local Zoo” and a reward would be given in return. Alvaro was very determined and obsessed to find his replacement bristles that these wanted signs were not even once seen as a slightest threat to this madness. A sinister, sadistic smile was painted all over Alvaro’s face upon the discovery that the combination of his last victim’s hair and a personal touch from his well groomed moustache, his perfect bristle has been recreated.


  1. Hmmm - I still don't think you have 'the' ending yet. If you're determined to let your artist get away with it, why not have a zoo-keeper (with a big moustache) who becomes suspicious of the artist; in the final scene, we have a confrontation, a scuffle, a man is killed - we don't know which one; then, in the reveal at the end, we see a photo in the newspaper of the zookeeper with his moustache half-missing, and then we cut to a last shot of the artist with a fat new brush and the perfect painting...

    1. Thanks Phil. Really appreciate the feedback and I think with this, my story has got better :)