Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Character Design Lesson 2

For the second Character Design lesson, we learn that different shapes can represent a certain type of character. For example, triangles generally represents danger, anti heroes with all the edges and points. Circles, on the other hand, has a safer, gentler context attached to it. It is also used for younger character designs like Winnie The Pooh or Piglet. Square has characteristics broad, sturdy, stability, strength and rigidity attached to it. So, our first task was to draw the character we were given by altering a shape from it. My character was Fred Flinstone. I decided to make him chubbier and rounder.

The next part of the class was to design three characters with the word we were given. The word I got was Mad Scientist. What comes to mind immediately was lab coats, test tubes and weird hair. However, after having a chat with Justin, he gave me several ideas of how I could make the costumes for my characters more interesting. I used all the three shapes -Triangle, Circle and Square when I created my character to give it a bit of variation. Another reason why I used the different shapes was because I wanted to see what kind of results I would get though the word I was working around was the same.

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