Tuesday, 7 January 2014

StoryTelling & Commission - Soundscape Keyframe

The All Ways at Once Incendiary Extinguisher by W. Heath Robinson
The keyframe I got for the Soundscape project is from Folder 26. It is an artwork by the famous British cartoonist and illustrator, W. Heath Robinson entitled The All Ways at Once Incendiary Extinguisher. I am really excited for this project because upon seeing this image, sound of gushing water and moving trucks come to mind immediately. Having said that, I think that it will go on to be labelled as genericism. So, I want to further my imagination by imagining myself paying a closer attention to the ambience/ background sounds that are not distinctive but are essentials as it would contribute to the whole feel of the place. Since it is no where near realism, the limit to creating sound for this 60 second animatics would be limitless.