Monday, 20 January 2014

Script to Screen: Further development of Logline, Premise and Step by Step Outline

The artist who fishes to find the perfect bristle

What would happen to the animals in the zoo if the artist does not stop his fishing to find the perfect bristle for his perfect brush?

Step by Step Outline:

Act 1: In the Studio

1. Alvaro is seen painting in his studio and agitation starts to surface when his brush strokes becomes clumsy and rough.
2. He eyes darted to a wall calendar where he had mark “National Arts Competition Dateline”.
3. He looks at his paintbrush, and rushes out of the studio.
4. As he enters multiple art supply shops to get his replacement, he was disappointed when none of them had the exact replacement for it. 
5. While waiting to cross the road on his way home, he sees the sign to the zoo.

Act 2: At the Zoo

6. The way Alvaro sets up his easel at the zoo showed that he was a perfectionist. 
7. Despite the setup, no actual work was done because he was observing the animals’ enclosure very carefully. Raul, the zookeeper notices this and finds the behavior of this artist odd and suspicious.
8. After learning about his victims, Alvaro would sneak into the zoo and setup his catch. He will lure and net the animals from their enclosures in search of the perfect hair to recreate his paintbrush.
9. Once Alvaro kills his victims and arranged the hair off of them to make his bristle, he would test them out. He would continue fishing until he got his perfect match.
10. When Raul realised that the animals under his care were disappearing, he decided to engage the press and posted a reward to find the culprit.
11. As Raul begins to observe Alvaro more closely, he notices that Alvaro acts suspiciously around the animals that were going to be his next victims.
12. Alvaro, on the other hand, was not aware of this because his obsession to recreate his brush got his full attention.
13. On a particular night, Raul caught Alvaro in action and confronted him.
14. A scuffled began, a man’s life ended. The killer was not known until an article about the incident was reported on the local newspaper the next day.
15. A photo of the deceased zookeeper, Raul, was splashed across the front page of the newspaper with half of his well-groomed moustache missing.
16. A sadistic smile was painted all over Alvaro’s face as he admires his fat new brush and his perfect painting in his studio.

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