Thursday, 16 January 2014

Adobe (Audition/Premiere Pro) Lesson 2

For this week's class, we were taught how to set up our project in Premiere Pro. 

These are the things we are required before starting a new project:
1. HD Bars & Tone
2. Front Plate (This is where you have the title, version and date of your project)
3. Universal Counting Leader

After adding all of the above, we had to reset the timecode to be an hour as this is used in the industry.  We were told to always do this as it will prepare us for the industry in the near future.
The subsequent step would be that we had to place a video effects time code on our image for the project. This is to ensure that the video and sound are in sync for easier editing.

Once everything was set, we were tasked to compose a music score for the Soundscape project using Garageband. I took this opportunity to string together the different sounds from various instrument in that software and this was my rough cut.

As my intentions for this project is to make a musical,lively sequence, I think this soundtrack is working. This is far from done as specific noise such as the cracking machine as it being pushed around, sound of men humming and water flowing have yet to be added. 


  1. Hey Ayunie! This is very cheerful music, I like it :)

    1. Thanks Megan. :) This was just to get me going and get inspired while working on this project :P