Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Life Drawing Lesson 8

We started of the life drawing class with quick 2 minute pose to loosen ourselves. After that, we did 1 minute, 30 and 15 seconds poses to understand the movement of our character.

Quick 2 Minute Poses

1 minute and 30 Seconds Poses

30 Seconds and 15 Seconds Poses
Following the quick pose sketches, we did a sketch of 8 minute each as our model turns around but sticking with the same pose.

8 Minute Poses
Lastly, we did a feature study of our choice and I have decided to go the face again. Though it does not look like the model, I think I have gotten the shape of the face right this time. Adding more wrinkles and lines to the facial feature would have been helpful.
Feature Study- Face
I personally think that I have gradually improved in my drawings. :D

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