Friday, 17 January 2014

Animation Lesson 6- Animating The Sandbag

For today's animation class, our task was to animate the sandbag to go over an obstacle which is a cube box. Before we did that, we were taught what our animated character needed. 

Anticipate > Jump > Recovery

To animate the sandbag, I needed to
1. Understand my character. (Stretch, Squash, Volume, Weight and Personality
2. Plan my scene (Staging, Proportion, Camera, Story)
3. Mapping the actions (Keyframes, Arcs of Motion)
4. Timing and Spacing my In Betweens using Ladder
5. Animate!

For my sandbag, I have decided to make it a flexible dancer, showing off. I would still need to redraw some of the sandbag because it has either gained or lost weight.


  1. Aww, love his little hat :) so cute! I like the use of colours in the key frames, very easy to read

    1. Thanks Lisa! :) Just need some tweaking to the sizes and hope it turns out great in the final animation! :D