Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Script to Screen: Another Possible Idea

Idea 5: When 2 Worlds Collide

Character 1: Victor (A Penguin -Fisherman)
Character 2: Matt (A Polar Bear- Artist)

The polar bear’s enclosure and the penguin’s keep are connected with an aquarium where the polar bear sits by and does his painting and the penguin does his fishing. However, there is a thin glass that separates their home.

Victor The Penguin dislike being a fisherman because he finds no excitement in catching a school for fishes but it was job to show off his skills to the visitors who came to see him. He adores Matt The Polar Bear who he sees painting every time. He always dreamt to be an artist because he finds painting the aquarium and its content was more exciting than fishing in it. What Victor did not realise is that behind than easel was a sad looking polar bear who never liked what he was doing but had to do it anyway because it was his job to entertain the visitors.

Every day at 2pm, Victor and Matt will work together and do a short performance in the aquarium for the visitors. One day, as they exit the aquarium after their performance, they found out that they were in each other’s home.

Victor was excited and surprised because he knew this was his chance to finally shine in what he thinks was best. But before he did anything, he looked at Matt, afraid that he was unhappy about the situation. A bright, happy smile that was written all over Matt's face caught Victor off guard. He did not know that Matt would be as happy and excited as he was. They exchanged nods and knew they each wanted to give it a try, being someone else.

The slouch postures that were initially shown at the start was substituted with strong, straight postures, smiles and happiness could be seen splashing across their faces. They were actually enjoying what they were now doing and decided to stick with it. This switch has also brought more visitors to the zoo as they enjoyed seeing the Victor's artworks and Matt's fishing skills.

(This is possible because both the animals live in similar weather conditions.)


  1. Hi Ayunie,

    The issue I have with this idea is simply the logic of an artist polar bear; the penguin is a fisherman, because eating fish is what penguins do - so that's logical - but the polar bear's anthropomorphism doesn't feel as credible, because it doesn't correlate with what we know about polar bear behaviour. I do think, however, that you're onto something by having an animal that can be your 'fisherman' character, and I like the idea too of the 'fisherman' wanting to be defined by a different behaviour.

    I do, however, have something else for you to think about: have you asked yourself yet what the relationship might be between the sorts of animals you might find in a zoo - and the paintbrush itself? See below:

    "Soft hair brushes are made from Kolinsky sable or ox hair (sabeline); or more rarely, squirrel, pony, goat, mongoose or badger."

    In other words, paintbrushes are actually made from the hairs of animals! Maybe animals are going missing from a zoo - being turned into paintbrushes - and maybe the 'fisherman' is the nick-name for the man-doing it? A guy with a net who 'fishes' animals out of their enclosure? Maybe it could be a mystery-style 'who dunnit?' - with disappearing animals, wanted signs for 'The Fisherman' and an elderly sweet looking artist who comes to the zoo to paint, but who, under the cover of darkness, comes back to the zoo with a net and big hook, looking for the perfect bristle!

    1. Thanks Phil for the feedback and now I get where you're coming from. I shall work on my story now. :)