Sunday, 26 January 2014

Character Design Lesson 3

For this week's lesson, we were told to draw a Caricature of our friend in the style of Bob Godfrey.
First Row - Rosalyn
Second Row- First two is of Anthony, Damynm Kyle
The next challenge was to come up with a prop for our character. I got Gru from Despicable me. Since he is an inventor and also kind to the kids, I have decided to make a Bubble Producing Machine from A Chair. This is so that while he is working, he could sit down, cycle around his work area and at the same time entertain the kids with the bubbles that are produced :D
Gru from Despicable Me
Gru's Potential Prop

Last challenge for the class was to come up with a character from the objects we brought it. I brought a DSLR keychain.
However, since it does not differ from the actual camera except for the size, I was asked to think of who would use it. I came up with 3 characters. The first camera character of mine depicts a student photographer who is always excited to take new photos. As  I was drawing my second character, Mater from Disney/Pixar's CARS came to mind. More of a goofy kind of character. My last character has a long pointy nose, depicting a fashion photographer. This is to show the snobbish, bossy side of a fashion photographer as he directs the models on how to pose for the camera.

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