Saturday, 11 January 2014

Script to Screen: Possible Ideas

Idea 1: Art Competition
A fisherman is seen sitting by the jetty with an artist toolkit- A paintbrush, small canvas and an easel. To establish he is a fisherman, first we have unload his catch and trading it for cash to another person in his town center. His facial expression shows that he was not happy at this job of his. As he was walking back, he saw a flyer advertising about an art competition and the theme of the competition was animals.  He looks excited and very interested, taking the flyer back with him.  He goes back home and started painting. A different kind of expression is seen when he starts painting. He looks relaxed and happy. This is to show that he likes being an artist more than a fisherman. His final piece of artwork is a zoo.

Idea 2: Zoo The Market Place
Main Character: Victor the Bear.
Behind the bear’s enclosure, there is a small pond where he fishes for his living.  Business was usual and Victor’s catch were always fast selling as his customers values the freshness of his products. (Customers- Penguins, Seals, Platypus) There is always a long line at his stall. A shot to show that it is a market is established when we see animals such as the Lions selling meat, Monkeys selling Bananas and fruits, Pandas selling vegetables to name a few.
A sad looking Mole Rat comes to his stall, wanting to buy some fish but had no money. Instead, he offered to trade his paintbrush with a piece of fish. Victor is known for his generosity and kindness and accepted it as a payment. At the end of the day, he was seen relaxing in his enclosure with the paintbrush. Started using it and discovered that whatever he painted came alive. Delighted by his discovery, he used this to his advantage by painting school of fishes and sells it. His business tripled with this discovery.

Idea 3: Adventure of a Lifetime
A penguin dreams of being a renowned artist but the only time he gets to paint is when the zookeeper gives it to entertain the visitors. She always wanted to see the world behind this enclosure of hers so when the fisherman does his weekly delivery, she took this opportunity to hitch a ride with him. So the adventure begins. A new found friendship between the fisherman and the penguin. The fisherman brings this penguin out to sea as he does his fishing and she will paint what’s around her. Examples: Nature, Portraits of the fisherman in action

Idea 4: Parallel Universe
On a day off , this fisherman decided to visit the zoo. As he looks at the map and having to decided which arena to visit first, his attention was drawn to the artist exhibition as his performance was about to start. The fisherman walks by quickly, he passes different types of humans: the singer's stage, dancer's studio, tennis players in their court. After the showcase, there were question and answer session of which the fisherman participated and won. His prize was a paintbrush.


  1. Hey Ayunie :)
    Really cool ideas here but the one that stands out is 3, Adventure of a Life time. One and two are still good ideas but I think three has a spark that really sets it apart from them. Its the aspects we where told to include and I can almost see the storyboard for this as well! One thing I would say is maybe put a slightly bigger focus on the penguins escape from the zoo, so maybe a few different escape attempts, which are foiled, to heighten the tension instead of it being successful from the get go (because then whats the point of the obstacle being there?). Hope this helps! :D

    1. Hey Kyle. Thanks for the feedback. :) In #3, I have the paintbrush which is the hero prop belonging to the penguin instead of the Fisherman though. :(

  2. Evening Ayunie,

    You know, the idea that stands out here is the idea of making your 'fisherman' non-human - which places him/it already into the environment. In reading your ideas, I did have a couple of ideas in passing:

    What if your 'fisherman' is the guy who collects tropical fish for the Zoo's giant aquarium? It always feels with 'zoos' that they inspire narratives about freedom and imprisonment and nature vs man and real vs fake, and so maybe your fisherman could be a 'villain' in so much as he is the character that 'enslaves' - taking fish from the wild and putting them into captivity?

    There's something about aquariums glimmering here...

    Indeed, there's something about your three components that just keeps making me think of 'extinction' narratives; the idea of an artist drawing something that is no longer available to see in the wild, because it's been made extinct - (through over-fishing?)

    I'm thinking now that maybe the fisherman, who just collects fish and has never thought about them as 'slaves', learns something from the paintings of an artist who comes to the aquarium to paint the fish - somehow he see's the unhappiness of the fish in the artist's paintings, comes to understand how beautiful they are, how magical - and somehow changes his ways, frees the fish at the end? Hmmm... anyway, just keep the ideas coming...