Friday, 17 October 2014

Part B (Character) - Influence Maps and Idea #1

After Tuesday's tutorial with Justin, I went to look into my 3 words again and came up with the influence maps of each word to see what I can further gather.

My idea for this Character project is to create a console game that will categorised under the Tower Defence/First Person Shooter/Stealth genre game. It is a story mode game where the setting will be in a city that has been attacked and was left destroyed with debris all over. The survivors will now how to source out for food supplies in order to stay alive. As the player roams around the city in search of it, he will come across a pit with a lot of tools. He would then need to build something (eg, a bridge) to cross over where he sees the food supplies. But when he picks a tool, he would set a timer and would have to build it within the time frame. Otherwise, the food will be eaten by the vultures circling the city.

In terms of character, there will be different robots he could choose from to help him complete the task. The different robots are designed in a way that it is task specific. The player will have to make a guess as to which robot he should choose to help him.

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