Sunday, 19 October 2014

Part B (Character) - Idea #2 & Its Concept

I went to look into more games and with the words I have, I felt that I have limited myself to creating just console games mainly because of the words 'Under Construction'. I felt the need for the player to be immersed in the game. However, I went on a further research and looked into the other types of possible game play which is either a device (Phone/Tablet) game and Computer games. 

So here's my second idea, where I think there is more potential in terms of character design. Instead of an app game, I thought of having it to be an app for smart devices.

App Influence Map
The idea behind this game would similar to tetris where blocks are stacked up. However, instead of blocks, it will be tools(eg, wheels, spanner) At the right side of the screen, it will the image of the robot in which the player should build. If the player is able to build exactly like the image, he will score the maximum number of points for the round. Though it is tools that will be dropping from the edge of the screen, it will metallic coloured instead of dull silver metals so that at the end of the round (when the time is up) the robot built by the player will be in colour. This will broaden the age group of players.

Below are some silhouettes of potential robot characters.
Silhouette of Robots

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