Friday, 10 October 2014

Narrative Film Theory - Freytag's Pyramid in Taken

Figure 1 Movie Poster [Still Image]

Kim manages to convince her dad(Bryan) to allow her to go to Paris with a friend (Amanda) to watch U2's European tour.

Upon reaching Paris, Kim and Amanda decided to share a taxi ride with a stranger(Peter) who was a scout for a kidnapping gang. He then learns about the girls' stay in an apartment with no adult supervision.

Rising Action:
Peter and few members of his gang sneaks into the apartment where he dropped the girls earlier. They kidnapped Amanda and Kim.

Bryan fights with the Albanians inside a brothel in search for his daughter.

Falling Action:
Bryan goes over to Saint-Clair's mansion where there was a large party and girls were auctioned of in his basement.

Bryan manages to save his daughter before the buyer (Prince Raman) was able to do anything to her.

List of Illustration: 
Figure 1 Taken (2008) [Movie Poster] at (Accessed on 10 October 2014)

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  1. Thanks Ayunie

    I haven't seen Taken but will give it a watch and see how your plot matches over the weekend.