Thursday, 9 October 2014

Lighting & Rendering Part 2: Mental Ray Part 3(Linear Work Flow)

For this tutorial, I've learnt about a new workflow called the Linear workflow whereby I do the correction of colours by changing several settings in Autodesk Maya. 

The settings I had to change was in render settings, I had to enable the colour management from sRGB to Linear RGB. 

Upon doing so, the objects in my scene like the chair and the ball are bleached out and so I had to connect a gamma correct node to the colours. As for the textured objects in the scene, I changed the Colour Profile from sRGB to Linear RBG.

Gamma Corrected Image
Linear sRGB applied to the Chair's blinn, the scene's texture
Corrected Image
Batch Rendered (EXR file extension)
Raw Image (Corrected in After Effects)

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