Saturday, 25 October 2014

Part B (Character) - Definitive Game Idea

The game I am thinking of creating has the basic idea of Pipe Mania.

Game Type: Smart Device App Game (Single Player)

Audience: General Audience (7 years and above)

Environment: Futuristic Construction Site (Changes at every new level)

Characters: Robots

Concept: Building and designing the ultimate robot

Mechanics: Speed & Strategy

This is an interactive, light and fun game. The player’s main aim is to be able to build an ultimate robot that will be shown on the right side of the screen. In order to get to the final robot, the player will have to go through different rounds and level of this game.

How the game works:
The player will work through a puzzle. To complete the puzzle, the player will connect the switches together to complete the circuit at an allocated time set for that round. A complete circuit will equate to fixing a limb of the robot.

Example: The first level of play has 3 rounds which means that the robot is divided into 3 sections. Upon the completion of the 3 rounds, a robot will be completed. The player will then progress to the second level where there are 5 rounds. This means that the robot in that level is divided into 5 sections. The difficulty will become progressively harder as play goes up each level.

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