Friday, 3 October 2014

Narrative Film Theory - The Archetype Hero's Journey

Figure 1 Movie Poster [Still Image]

► The Hero- Oscar
A fish who dreams to be rich and famous

► The Mentor - Sykes
The pufferfish who owns the Whale Wash where Oscar works at. He becomes Oscar's manager when Oscar was rich and famous.

► The Herald -  Katie Couric
The local news reporter who announces Oscar as the Shark Slayer.

► The Shadow -  Don Lino
The leader of the Underworld who was after Oscar when the news of Frankie's death(his masculine son) was of Oscar's doing.

► The Threshold Guardian - Angie
His best friend who got him out of trouble every single time

► The Trickster – Ernie and Bernie
The two jellyfish who goes after Oscar when he did not pay their boss (Sykes).

► The Shapeshifter – Lola
A flirtatious lionfish who goes after Oscar when she finds out he was rich but left him when he became poor.

► Allies – Lenny and Angie
They were always keeping him company throughout his adventure.

List of Illustration: 
Figure 1 Shark Tale (2004) [Movie Poster] at (Accessed on 3 October 2014)

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