Monday, 10 March 2014

Fantastic Voyage Concept Art 1

For my first concept art, I have decided to do what the book reveals after it opens up. I had the book and the trees laid out (As seen in Development 1) but I wanted to push it further to make it have more 2D-3D look.
Development 1
I then added the sky and the background to the book because my animation will go into the scene, having in mind that I want my target audience to be within the environment.

Development 2
To start the animation, I would have the light ray shine to a fern in the center of the book. It creates the spotlight effect so that my audience will understand that it will be fern they should have their attention on. With the sunlight, it would also make sense that there is where the plants get its nutrients to start reproducing.

Final Concept Art


  1. hmm - I just don't like how naturalistic it is, Ayunie... If you're going to take the audience into a pop-up world, which is obviously artificial, why make all this effort to make it resemble the real? It's rather boring, don't you think? This is a magical 'what if?' Your world is illustrative, not real - go and look at book illustration and a much more simple design language - go simpler, more 'pen and ink' and watercolour - look at the illustrations by Quentin Blake, for example, for that 'lightness of touch'...

    1. Thanks Phil. I've looked into it and came out with my version of more cut out/pop up style :)