Monday, 31 March 2014

Introduction to Texturing: Maya Fur Presets & Attributes

For this tutorial, we were introduced to the presets fur and its attributes. Each attribute was explained and I've learnt how it will affect in the overall image.

Bear Fur Without Any Adjustments
Bear Fur With Adjustments (Self Shader and Light)
100 % Bison Fur
50% Bear & 50% Bison Fur
100% Porcupine Fur
100% Sheep Fur
25% of Bear, Bison, Porcupine and Sheep Fur Each
Default Fur Before Checkered Node Was Connected To The Base Colour
After The Checkered Was Baked Into The Fur
After A Few Adjustments To The Attributes (Scraggle and Clumping)
Adding Ramp Node and Connecting It To The Baldness Attribute (Ramp Was Set on Linear) 
Ramp Node Was Set to None

After going through the tutorial, we were tasked to create an image after learning with the attributes and this is mine. I've created 2 as I was fiddling with the attributes to understand the differences further.

I have used 25% of Gorilla, Lion Mane, Wet Labrador and Dreadlocks fur. None of the settings were at its preset. I've connected the base colour, tip colour and the specular with the checkered node and all three checkered nodes had different colours to it. I've also connected a ramp shader to the baldness attribute and changing it to be box ramp.

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