Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Storytelling & Commission: Fantastic Voyage Concept Influence Map

My idea for this final project is to present the life cycle of a fern by using pop up animation. I've looked into combining the idea of a hologram with pop up book animation as it is similar. However, I feel that by going into the book and experiencing the life cycle from the fern's perspective would be more effective for my target audience in comparison to looking at it as an overview. This has also got me to think of the lighting I want to have as whole.

For this video, I like how there the weather helps create the mood to the animation which for me, I feel that it would be the perfect sunny day for the ferns to grow.

As I am still deciding to either do a flip pop up book or a hologram for my animation, this video gave me an idea in terms of transitions if I want to do a flip book. 

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