Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Fantastic Voyage OGR


  1. OGR 05/03/2014

    Hey Ayunie,

    I really like the idea of your pop-up book world - could and should be very elegant, but I think you need to REALLY embrace that pop-book idea - and do so boldly. I have a number of suggestions/inspirations/directions for you to take further:

    Take a look at the lazer cut designs of Tord Boontje:

    His elegant, whimsical 'white-on-white' evocations of plant forms etc. are just stunning - and if your world is made from paper, then let that 2d layerd logic continue throughout your world (as your thumbnail storyboard suggests that once we've entered the book, that 2d paper language suddenly changes for something different - which is a pity in design terms, I think). More Boontje imagery for you:

    So, that's an example of an 'all white/paper and shadow' approach - which could be stunning. But, in terms of creating a pop-up book quality, you might also want to think about going for a very illustrative style: for example, you will know already that the year 3's Polydoodle Studio film '& Son' is using lovely 'sketchbook-like' 2d layers to create the world of their story:

    But I'm also going to suggest you look at the illustrations of Eric Carle too, as a means of thinking a bit differently about the way you might design elements of your 'book world':

    But also look at the illustrator Quentin Blake:

    I can really see how a world of these kind of loose 'line art' elements could look absolutely delightful.

    The short version is this: embrace the pop-up/story book universe more completely, and seek to derive your production design from it in an innovative way. The storybook element will really chime with your narration element too:

    And now, further inspiration:

    Victorian paper theatres:

    The animations of Lotte Reiniger:


    and this:

    1. Thanks Phil! I thought of going from 2D (Pop Up Book) to it being into the 3D world as the animation starts. But I think to have everything somewhat in 2D, which is by embracing more the pop up/storyboard book factor would have more illustrative style to it. I am excited to get on with it! :)

  2. saw this, thought of you!