Saturday, 8 March 2014

Fantastic Voyage Inspiration

As I looked at tutorials on how to make my idea of a pop up book turned into reality, I found this video on how to make my whole Maya scene looks 2D. Because it is a pop up book and the viewer would see the animation of the life cycle come to live as the pages flip, I am struggling on how to make the detailed process, take meiosis as an example, be visible from afar.

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  1. Ayunie - Once you've established for your audience that the world is like a pop-up book - you can zoom into that pop-up world and create the action anyway you like - as long as your animation finished by us coming back out and seeing the book again, your audience won't be in any way confused. You don't need to keep the camera and the book locked into relative positions, do you? Take the camera into the pop-up universe...