Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Secret Lair: Hero Prop Idea 3

After talking to Jordan about my hero prop, he suggested that I look into scepter because this is really bits of priestess and clockwork that can be added when creating a scepter. However, for my hero prop, I thought of combining a torch with the scepter. Since my character will still be a priestess cum assassin, I feel that this hero prop will work well.

For #2 and #8, I had a bull and a dove as that represents justice and peace respectively. I did this because this is what my character is seeking for as she does her killing.


  1. Hey Ayunie - I dont know why but i really like no.5 of your sceptres, I think its because of the contrast between the white and the black :)

  2. for me, Ayunie - anything that privileges the 'clockwork' is better than introducing another dominant visual motif. You said yourself that 'clockwork' is symbolic of restoring order to the universe - which she does by assassinating her enemies; again, the clockwork symbol is already very rich, and I think adding, say, the dove, is a cluttering of your visual concept... I'd like to see a few more staff designs that are a) more bold and b) more clockwork - I suggest actually combining real clock parts as silhouettes could prove a useful method; check out this project from a former student to see how combining actual 'real world' components in silhouette can give rise to properly original designs: