Thursday, 14 November 2013

@PHIL Secret Lair: Hero Prop Idea 4

After some thought, I have decided to combine the idea of a tennis ball machine with a treadmill. This is the item my character uses for her training in the lair. This is just a rough drawing to get my idea. How this hero prop function is when the clockwork priestess starts running, arrows will start shooting out from the machine and she will kick away or dodge away from it. 

Phil, do you think this will work or should I still use the scepter but it is made of "real world" elements?


  1. Hi Ayunie,

    I've got to be honest - this is fab, mad idea - but don't you think it detracts from the poeticism of your character a bit? I know she's a high-kicking assassin, but this feels too 'gym' and not enough 'priestess'... what do you think? Sceptre for me, anyway.

    1. Thanks Phil for the feedback. I was trying to add more of the clockwork and missed the point of the priestess for this one. :)