Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Secret Lair: Clockwork Priestess Thumbnails (65 - 67)

In this set of thumbnails, I tried pushing further in terms of colours and highlights. Comparing 65 and 66, I added more light coming from the clock and I like how it looks like now. With thumbnail 66 and 67, I tried adding reflections to the ground as I my lair's ground will be made of glass. I am struggling with this so any advice on how I can achieve this will be much appreciated :)
Thumbnail Development : 65
Thumbnail Development : 66 
Thumbnail Development : 67


  1. Hey Ayunie, really nice to see this progress. A few quick thoughts. Be careful with your lighting, number 67 seems to feel a little washed out with soft light. In your previous thumbnail (60) you had a really nice darkness and single light source, but this latest version feels as though the light is just affecting too much of the image. This is largely because there are no shadows to your objects so the forms feel very disconnected. You may want to create a new document, flatten your concept art down and paint over with shadows and rim lighting. Really make that intense red light pop. :)

    1. Thanks Jordan for the tip :) I am on it now.