Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Life Drawing Lesson 2

We started of the class with drawing 4 of 5 minutes poses. I started using pencil but since I wanted to be more free in my drawings, I switched to charcoal. I was still trying to get my proportions right as can be seen from my first drawing (Top Left Figure 1). With charcoal, I was a little at ease and I think I got the proportions right for the following 3 drawings of the exercise.

Figure 1: 4 of 5 Minutes Poses
We were challenged to draw from a negative space in the next task. I started of by spreading my charcoal and using a rubber to get into the negative space. It was a challenge because it was tempting to just draw the forms instead. However, I enjoyed this exercise because it was interesting to do something new! :)
Figure 2: 20 Minute Pose
Following the theory we just learned from the previous exercise which is about the negative and positive spaces, our next activity was to draw the model in 10 different positions given a minute at each pose. I don't think this was a successful exercise for me because it didn't turn out to have more light and dark as I have wanted it to have.
Figure 4: 10 of 1 Minute Poses
The last activity for the drawing class was to draw using continuous lines. Apart from the distorted proportions of the model, I am quite happy with my end product. Having drawn with a continuous line was fun because I have to continuously think where to go next.
Figure 4: 20 Minutes Continuous Drawing

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