Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Secret Lair: Clockwork Priestess Thumbnails (36 - 43)

Using my previous thumbnails, I've added a colour over to see how it looks. I am liking number 36 because of the vibrant colours and I see a potential for it to be further developed.


  1. I really like number 40! It does feel as a room that a priestess could live in

    1. Thanks Sam. I will look into that! :D

    2. Hey Ayunie,

      Yes - some nice ones here - but I just can't help observing that you're not making the most of your 'clockwork' idea; if she's a clockwork priestess isn't that an opportunity to think really excitingly about your world? For example, what associates with 'clockwork?' Well, time, yes, but how about toys? Why not think about your priestess belonging to a miniature world of clockwork culture, born of a completely clockwork world - and this is just a quick idea as I type! She's a clockwork priestess - she might be made of metal, she might be a clockwork mouse - a priestess of clockwork mice?! Who knows, but while these thumbnails are indeed looking suitably temple-like - I don't see the clockwork in here at all!





      My point is, you're not using your words as DNA - as 'stem cells' from which to create new and original worlds - really use them! Onwards!