Wednesday, 14 January 2015

@Alan Adaptation B: Initial Idea

As I aspire to be a 3D modeller, doing both organic and hardware modelling, I have decided to focus on Character Modelling for this project. I believe that my weakness lies upon the early stages of the pipeline which is coming up and designing the characters I have in my head and I would like to work on that. I know I can be very conservative creatively as I would not venture out of my comfort zone and only coming up with designs or things that I familiar with. I think this can be seen in my Character Project where I came up with safe environments and characters that were not quite interesting. With that said, having chosen to do a character for this project I hope be exploring the different types of shapes and forms further and I hope to come up a range of sketches that would eventually help me build a character.

Mesopotamian Myth:

Of the myths I grew up reading about, I still find that this is one of the myth that very much captures my attention. I believe that with the detailed description of Ishtar in terms of her outlook has given me the room to explore the possibility designing her as a character.

On another note, I was also looking at this short story entitled The Entangled Mermaid. Though the mermaid character was vaguely described, the environment was and I thought if were to take on this, I would be doing both character and environment design which could possibly turn into a short animation/game that I can develop for a minor/major project at a later stage.


  1. Its "organic and hard 'surface' modeller". We'll have a chat about your ideas during the Maya class and in your tutorial.