Saturday, 10 January 2015

Adaptation A: Post Pitch Ideas

From the pitch, the phrase that had potential for idea expansion was The Evolution of Dating. My initial thought of it was similar to what Phil suggested; how dating (also known as courtship in 1920s) differ from what it is now 2015. It was in terms of clothings and the level of intimacy.

However, after much thought into it, I would like to make how two people behaviour differs from their first date in comparison to their 30th date. It is how two people evolve in a relationship as time goes by.

What I have in mind to include in the infographics that would contribute to this main idea are:

- The way they prepare for their 1st date (Hours of prep to impress) and by the 30th date, they just take an hour to get ready.
    ->Breakdown of the time prep. What is the individual doing 1 hour, half hour and 5 minutes before the date.

- Their etiquette at a restaurant and the food they order. The girl would not want to be seen as a glutton so she eats just a little and starve after. By the 30th date, she would most probably order more than the guy.

- Back at either one's place
    -> Hide their favourite teddy under the bed fearing the other might judge. By the 30th date, room's a mess and does not mind what the other thinks.

- Communication/ Languages
    -> Only used proper and polite tone/ words that the individual deem appropriate. By the 30th date, the jokes and languages are just out of hand.

- Personal Hygiene
    -> Burping and farting used to be very embarrassing and one will excuse himself/ herself. By the 30th date, it becomes a norm to do that in front of each other.


  1. Hi Ayunie

    Be careful that you're not stepping into making an animated infographic has instructional or educational content at its core. What are you trying to say here?

    1. Ouh okay, I thinkI I just got a little carried away with the idea. I think I will go with the change of clothings and different mediums of dating? I'll make a post for it.