Friday, 16 January 2015

@Alan Adaptation B: Idea Development

Background information about the Mesopotamian culture.

- It believes in multiple gods and goddess instead of just one.
- The people of Mesopotamia worshiped these other worldly beings and tries their best to keep the beings happy,
They believed is something bad happened, it was because the correlating god was angry at them, hence they were punished for it.
- Large temples were built so that the people of Mesopotamia could go there and worship their god and goddess. Because there is a high infant mortality rate, as was miscarriage, Ishtar, Goddess of Fertility, Love, War and Sex is one that has been worshipped with much devotion especially by young couples who wants to start a family.
- However, love and desire became strangers to man and animal alike. Birds no longer sang. Bulls no longer searched out the cows. Stallions were no longer attracted to mares. Rams no longer cared for ewes. Wives no longer caressed their husbands when they returned from business or war. Husbands no longer longed to lie with their wives. The women in Ishtar’s temple became lonely, nobody wanted to spend time drinking and singing and making merry with them. This was all because Ishtar has gone to the underworld in search of her deceased lover.

This was Ishtar has been portrayed at the temple.
Ishtar Sculpture  
Mesopotamia Dressings
Mesopotamia Dressings

However, I was thinking the goddess to look more of like this instead of the sculpture.

This is the extract for the story that has the description of how Ishtar has clothed herself.

In this myth, there are two other interesting characters that I could consider to do instead. 

1) Irkalla, the Queen of the Underworld
2) Namtar, the Demon of the Plague.

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