Monday, 12 January 2015

Adaptation A: Idea (Rethink)

From the post pitch idea, I think that I went astray from the main objective of the brief. I was thinking more of animated short rather than an animated infographic.

Since my infographic will be based on the evolution of dating, I went ahead to look at how couples dress then and now. From their dressings and the the time period they are in, I will then include the medium that has been used for dating.

How getting a date progresses through time:

Face to Face meet
Letter Writing and sent through telegram
Dating through a 'Dating Club'
Phone Calls
Text Messaging
Internet Dating Sites

For example, in the 1800s, dating is known as courtship and it was all about seriousness and finding the suitable life partner. However, by the 1930s, people are going on dates for fun, with no intention of marrying whatsoever. Additionally, cohabiting and premarital sex has become a norm in today's society which was considered as a taboo back then. 

The statistics and information that I would like to include in the infographics would be the success rate of the relationship when a partner is chosen for them and in comparison to their own choice, the increase chances of two people from opposite sides of the world dating through the progress of the possible mediums and also the likeliness of someone agreeing to go on a date with you by seeing your profile online as opposed to word of mouth back then.

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