Sunday, 6 April 2014

Fantastic Voyage Final Previz

This is my final previz, and I have had the voice over to be in sync with the video. There are some timings that are a bit off but overall, I am happy as this has given me a rough idea of my final animation.

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  1. Hi Ayunie :)

    I'm wondering if you might try your edit without the cross-dissolves, using simple, hard edits instead. There's something a little 'indecisive' about the cross-dissolves at the moment, and I'm wondering if you need them?

    I'm interested in terms of your sound-mix; what other SFX elements are you considering (for example, a noise signature for when the labels fold out - the sound of unfolding paper?), for when the sperm cells move etc? It would be good to see you thinking about these elements too.