Monday, 14 April 2014

Visual Effects: Depth Of Field

Before Any Camera Settings Were Changed In Maya
Depth Of Field In Maya
Cons: Too Long To Render, Grainy Effect
The final render that has been composited in Photoshop and After Effects used images from Maya's render layers- The Beauty Pass And The Depth of Field Pass.

Depth Of Field In Photoshop, with Luminance added to the Alpha Channel
Pros: Faster To Composite, More Control over the noise
Cons: Single Image Composite
Depth Of Field In After Effects
Pros: Applicable For An Image Sequence
Another method from Maya is by using render passes from the render settings. To do this, the camera depth from the tab passes under the render settings is associated to the layer named depth of field under the render layers (Channel Settings).
Depth Of Field Using Camera Depth
Pros: More Accurate In Comparison To Using Luminance Pass

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