Monday, 7 April 2014

Fantastic Voyage: Sun Ray

 In my opening scene, I have my center fern in the spotlight to start of the animation. Initially, I have had the sunray as a paper fold out but after analysing my scene and fiddling with the lightings, I thought that having the table lamp would have a better effect. With this, I am thinking of just having the lamp slightly off screen so that you won't see it but you will hear the lamp click, and light will shine on the center fern.

Paper Fold Out SunRay
Table Lamp Sun Ray


  1. You've got a very black shadow under your globe, Ayunie - I think you need to soften all that out and go for something more balanced. I like the idea of the lamp. I think you need to think about that back wall too - it's a very plain, unengaging room at the moment - maybe think about putting some colour on there, maybe some maps, educational posters - and if that's a window in the middle of the wall, then make it look like a real-world window - so with proper thickness to the actuall wall so that the window sits within it - like a real window, a windowsill etc. Definitely get some additional colour and detail into this digital set :)

    1. Thanks Phil. Yup, I am on it now. Was just testing out on the sunray idea for this one :)