Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Photoshop Tutorial - Brushes and Thumbnails

 So today in class, I used Photoshop to another level that I didn't really take time to explore. I am so used to just use the rounded brush and only adjusting the hardness of it. My digital paintings have always been made up with the brush. Exploring the different brushes and their presets opened up the doors to endless creation with correct usage of it. I am excited to learn and apply this new knowledge in my future thumbnails sketches and concept arts.

Having the canvas painted with smudges and made the background looked "dirty" has actually made thumbnailing a little less daunting. I definitely agree with Jordan when he said that having a plain background to start your thumbnailing can be very intimidating.

I am still in the midst of creating my thumbnail. This above image is just me trying out with the different tonal values. Still trying to get the hang of it where black is the foreground and white is the background. 

Any advices or feedbacks are definitely welcome! :)

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  1. Hi Ayunie,

    it is great to see you have started thumbnailing. White paer syndrome is quite a common occurence amongst artists so it is great that you are getting stuck in. I really like your illustrative style. I think that as you you start to complete these sheets your confidencewill come on leaps and bounds.