Thursday, 26 September 2013

Cinematic Spaces: Metropole Influence Map 2

So this is my second influence map. In the excerpt, the character described what the church looked like so I went on researching for images that will help fulfill this description to a certain extent. I searched for both the exterior and interior of it. While choosing the images, I paid attention to the textures of it. After piecing the images together, I find that an atmosphere has been established. An atmosphere of extensive devotion to the religion because of the detailed interiors as described.


  1. Hi Ayunie, I must admit as a complete whole your Influence Map is an excellent sight thanks to the combination of a great choice of relevant imagery and the background composed of tree branches and leaves(?) which reminds me of marble. I assume you created it yourself, correct me if I'm wrong! Rather than just filling squares on a basic template which many of us - including myself - have done, you've made the entire Influence Map eye-catching! I may even have to get designing my own template... :)

    1. Hi Danny,
      Thank you! Yup, I created the influence map myself with the help of a few photoshop brushes! I find that it adds a personal touch when creating your own instead of using the ones given! I highly urge you to come up with a template of your own because we constantly have to expand our creativity in every possible way! :)