Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Cinematic Spaces: Metropole Influence Map 1

Based on the excerpt below, I came out with the Influence Map of the city that my character was set in. With what is written and what I imagine the city in a bird's eye view and the street of it, I went on the research for images. In other parts of the book, there was a description of the traffic and the pedestrians were stuck in a bottleneck suggesting that the streets are narrow. What I focused on when researching for the images are the architectural side of the city because it was foreign to the character. While at it, I was also looking at the lighting because I imagined it to be dark, misty and gloomy but with a little bit of sunlight to lift the mood of a busy city life.

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  1. Hey Ayunie,

    It's great to see you feeling your way into this world. One of the things about this book is certainly how 'intense' and emotionalised all the descriptions are - everything feels very fraught and a bit feverish - there's almost too much of this city for comfort! I would definitely think about how you might be able to get this feeling of 'vibration' and 'agitation' into your actual paintings - to almost convey the point-of-view of the book's narrator.