Sunday, 28 February 2016

Major Project: Warning Previz Edit 01

With this second edit, I have added and edited a couple of scenes. More work still needs to be done in terms of camera placement. However, with this edit, it has given a few ideas on how to improve it as a whole. I am currently working on those ideas.

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  1. In summary:

    1) Consider creating more screen time by opening the narrative back out - i.e. separate the verses/lines to give more time for beginning scenes and ending them, particularly with the ant scene, which still doesn't feel right.

    2) Telephone box - reconsider?

    3) Hoarding scene - think about foreground/mid ground/background and camera tracking back and up past more stacks of stuff.

    4) Supermarket bread and pickles - re-visit as current composition is forcing the eye to the back of the shot, which is contributing nothing.