Thursday, 4 February 2016

Major Project: Scene 1(Lighting and Camera Placement)

Since my character is all done, I will be moving into previz. However, I needed to make a decision of whether or not to have outlines to my environment. I basically want to have simple colours for my environment because I want my character to be the star of each scene. I've tested a base colour texture for my things with outlines (to have drawing kind of effect). It looks good as still images but not as what I've imagined it to be in an animation.
Set Textured
Set with Outlines
I've also tested where I should place my camera and did some lighting tests.

Test Shot of Camera Placement
Lighting Tests
Having done that, I prefer to have the camera be her, looking at the mirror and seeing her own reflection. Lighting still needs to be sorted but I will be working on a previz for this scene first.
Mirror Shot

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